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Lightning & Arrows is the creative endeavor of yours truly...Ernie Zielsdorf. 

The brand I’ve been crafting is an attempt at combining things I love, like camping or experiences with others, with some concepts I love, like the idea of nostalgia with a dash of humor, all while using art and design to tie things together.  So the goal is to have fun with it and (fingers crossed) create some cool work in the process!


The name Lightning & Arrows was derived from a passage in Psalm 144:6 in the old testament of the Bible, and I've come across several other examples throughout as well.  The idea is that it shows the power of God, and just that imagery of shooting down lightning as arrows and I’ve always thought that was a really mesmerizing idea.     

Ultimately, while creating or selling merch, I just hope to continue pushing forward in different artistic skills, having a fun creative outlet, and collaborating and creating with others any chance I can!  (So don't hesitate to hit me up!)

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