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I'm Ernie Zielsdorf and I am a creative professional with a passion for design, illustration, branding, and whatever other fun creative stuff I can get my hands on, and have been at it for the past 10+ years.  I absolutely love the creative community and being a part of it as much as I possibly can.


I love camping, concerts, board games, running, and family time.  I pull big inspiration from nostalgia, nature, and music.  My goal with art is to reflect on past experiences while introducing fresh ways to interact with those experiences. I love the idea that we can share our experiences, and others can enjoy them right along with us! 

Ultimately, whether creating artwork, selling merch, or spending time with other creatives, I just hope to continue pushing forward in different artistic skills, having fun with it, and collaborating and creating with others any chance I can! 


So don't hesitate to hit me up!

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